Say hello to our repurposed denim collection. We reconstructed our favorite shorts with recycled material - talk about eco-friendly high fashion.
We have joined the sustainability movement and began reusing pieces to give them a second life.

The goal is to raise awareness in the importance of recycling and reducing solid waste in landfills.
A lot of clothing is made of organic material, meaning that it is derived from natural sources and is biodegradable. However, landfills lack the oxygen needed for organic materials to break down.

How do we recycle old jeans? By cutting the waste and reconstructing it to become double wasted, of course. This unique fashion statement not only makes you feel good, but it makes you look good too.
Not only do we make good use of the recycled material to create a high-wasted jean you’ll love to wear, but we’ve created a collection consisting of t-shirts and shorts that are sure to catch everyone’s attention. Including our very own mother nature.

Vendor: Seta Apparel
Availability: In stock Many in stock Sold out

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